Tuesday, November 29, 2016

12/02/16 Security Maintenance

To protect against a critical vulnerability with the potential to negatively impact all servers, we will need to proactively apply a new patch and reboot our servers on December 2nd, 2016. This will occur during a maintenance window we have scheduled from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM (EDT, -5 GMT). At some point during the maintenance window, your service will be interrupted for the amount of time it takes your instance to reboot (this may take longer for some servers that require an fsck or have received a new kernel). We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is a critically important security measure that must be enacted for all servers worldwide. It is our hope that you will have time to prepare for this brief interruption. We do not require any action from you.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Apple iOS Security Update

Apple just released iOS 9.3.5, the latest security update for iDevice users. We suggest you apply this update as soon as you can.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Windows Update

Microsoft has released its monthly 2nd Tuesday security patches. Be sure to update your system if you are a Windows user.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Domain Registration Scam

You may have heard that many high-profile domain registrars are being targeted by a massive phishing attack against domain owners.

We have received reports that some of those attacks are using Tucows branded emails to target some domain owners all over the world. The fraudulent emails claim that a particular domain name has been suspended and ask users to click a link.

domainabuse@tucows.com.org is being used as “From” and “Reply-to” addresses.

In case you receive an email from tucows.com.org:

Do not click any links
Do not reply to the email
Do not call any phone numbers listed within the email

Any correspondence related to your domain name will always come from spyridontech.com

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mobile Websites:  Now’s The Time

The cell phone began as a … phone.  That’s all that it was, yet it made communicating on the go extremely convenient.  Why wait at home for an important call when we can multi-task and get more things done while receiving that call from virtually anywhere?  And then technology ramped up its capabilities and usefulness and turned it into something we can’t live without. 

Today, your cell phone is your mobile computer where you can swiftly access information; play music; download and/or stream movies; take photos and videos; and most definitely, search the web.  The Smart Phone isn’t just a portable phone; it’s become an extension of the human body.  People sleep with it, shop with it, keep it next to their plate at the restaurant, and live with it every moment of the day.  I could go on and on explaining the virtues of the Smart Phone and how we have entirely embraced its benefits.  But, I won’t because nearly 200 million people in this country already have one and know exactly what the benefits are.  In fact, there are more Smart Phones being used than PC’s.  That number alone should tell you something.  

How are you customers connecting with you?

I’d rather ask you this question:  As a business owner, why don’t you have a mobile website?  Why isn’t your company’s website available to all of these people who have made the Smart Phone an extension of their body?  Perhaps you feel that your customers and your potential customers prefer to visit your website on their desktop computer.  I beg to differ.  Not to say that you shouldn’t have a website designed to display on desktops and laptops.  But, just like no one has to wait at home for that important incoming call anymore, shoppers, diners, and information seekers are out and about using their Smart Phones to connect with the world. 

goMobi – a great solution

That’s where a goMobi mobile add-on provided by Spyridon Technologies comes in.  A goMobi site features clickable phone numbers, maps and locations based directions, hours of operations, coupons, and so much more.  And the best part is, it works independently without the need for any major changes to your existing website.
Finally, a high quality, easy to use, cost efficient mobile solution that generates value, increases customer loyalty, and adds revenue to your bottom line.  Additionally, it’s designed for both speed and efficiency of use.  Why?  Because your customers and potential customers are on the go, even right now. 

Listen, without having a mobile ready website, you may lose business if people are having a difficult time accessing and using your website on their platform of choice – their phone.   That’s simply a fact.   A study by Limelight Networks found that 80% of customers researching or purchasing products on their mobile phone will abandon a website if they're not satisfied with their mobile browsing experience.  Why give customers another reason to visit your competitors? 

Do you have a Smart Phone? 

Have you ever used it to look up a business?  More than likely you have and your customers are no different.  Talk to Spyridon Technologies today about setting up your own mobile website add-on.  Your mobile website will work on both Smart Phones and budget phones as well. 

Still have more questions? 

Check out our goMobi Mobile Website page for frequently asked questions.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Public WiFi Connections

I was speaking to a client about the WiFi connection they provide their customers. When you go to their cafe', customers can connect to their WiFi without needing to enter a password. I had to explain that although they were providing a wonderful service to their customers, they were also putting them at risk.

When a computer connects to a WiFi network without requiring the user to enter a password, the traffic between the computer and router is not encrypted. The problem is that there is a program that anyone can install on their laptop called Firesheep (https://github.com/codebutler/firesheep/downloads) which will allow anyone who is connected to that same public WiFi to see other connected users and their login codes in plain text. As of this writing, the Firesheep program has been downloaded over 2.2 million times. That means that there are a lot of people walking around out there with this spying ability.

The fix for this security problem however is extremely simple. When you require the user to enter a password to connect to the WiFi router, the traffic between the user and the router is now encrypted. It doesn't matter that the whole world knows what the password is, the router just needs to have a password. So the solution is to enable password security on the router and let your customers know the password. Once they login with a password, their traffic is encrypted and the Firesheep software is useless.

Keep this issue in mind as a consumer as well. NEVER connect to a public WiFi that doesn't require a password!

Netgear N600 RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router - Networking